OSAC Silica G5®


Builds Bones

Fights bone loss with better calcium absorption

Tissue Formation

Supports tissue growth by boosting collagen

Absorbs Minerals

Retains supplements and minerals more efficiently

Tissue Repair

Speeds the healing process by boosting tissue renewal

Silicon is the forgotten macronutrient.

Not only is silica important for overall health but also an essential component of every single vital organ. Our thymus gland, spleen, liver, pancreas, and heart all need silica.

In particular, silica excels at improving the strength of connective tissue and joints, such as cartilage and connective tissue with elastin, collagen for the skin and the proteoglycans of structure.

OSAC Silica G5 ™ offers a liquid silica supplement with the highest bioavailability in the market.

Repair. Relief. Results.

OSAC Silica G5 ™ is an Olympian grade health supplement providing the essential macronutrient Silica in a rapidly absorbed liquid form for all your body’s needs.

For the of our bodies.

Joint Health

Heart Health

Immune Support

Bone Health

Skin Repair

Organ Support

Silicon is the forgotten macronutrient.

OSAC Silica G5 ®

The Original Silica G5®

Repair Bones, Tissues and Cartilage

Silica helps to facilitate the growth of new tissues of all kinds in the body. By helping the body to produce collagen, OSAC Silica G5 ™ supports all tissues from artery walls to joint cartilage.

Increases Skin Health

Increase healing, elasticity, and regeneration in skin.

Supports Overall Wellness

The benefits of silica extend into the nervous system and the immune system.

The Science of Silicon

the macronutrient powering OSAC Silica G5

Benefits of Liquid Silica

Here we have some brief articles written by fellow silica advocates who speak to the benefits and uses of silica within the body.

Bioavailability of Various Silica Molecules

Organic silica is of a different stripe. It has one or more atoms of carbon associated with hydrogen in its molecular structure.

Silica Research Discussions

The health benefits of Silica are still being explored, with more and more findings suggesting that the role silica plays in the body is one of rejuvenation and nutrition, making it a powerful dietary supplement.

Types of Silica

Organic Silicon is obtained from the “pre digestion”, i.e. transformation, of mineral Silicon through the action of micro-organisms on quartz crystals

About OSAC Silica G5 ™

Prof. Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun found that the rate of Silicon decreases in our body at the age of 40 years and so a regular supplementation with OSAC Silica G5 ™ (like up to 85% by our body) turns out useful and recommended.  The OSAC Silica G5 ™ of Glycan is the original formula, which is the most balanced market (1250mg per 500mL).

Glycan Group (created by Professor Christian Daniel Assoun) provided for a long time most of the Europeans in Silicon organic G5 laboratories. Since 2005, Glycan Group decided to sell directly to the public this formula as well as other forms of OSAC Silica G5 ™, including many others.

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